So, just who the heck are these CoMMiES and why are they invading Denver?

About 8 years ago three people met to talk models: Brad Guy, Dan Holmes, and Robb Merrill. These three became fast friends and enjoyed talking shop and finding out how bad they were at hanging drywall. At some point, lost in time, they decided to form a club so others like them could find out how bad they were at hanging drywall. When that failed they started a model club. Robb wanted the name to include ‘modeling militia’ and Dan’s amazing powers of acronyms can up with CoMMiES, the Colorado Modeling Militia Enjoying (or Especially) Sci-Fi. Soon after several other like minded people were brainwashed into joining the burgeoning club and soon the CoMMiES were a world forcing in sci-fi scale modeling. At some point, much to all our surprise we went legit and became an IPMS chapter.

So, what do they do?

Our principal goal is to build models, or help someone else build theirs. While we all enjoy sci-fi to a certain level we also build cars, planes, trucks, tanks, etc. We’re more than happy to help someone over a tough spot or lend a hand with a Make & Take.

Great! How do I join?

Well, first thing is to start attending meetings. We meet every first Sunday @ Dark Matter Games, 1050 S Wadsworth Blvd, Suite C in Lakewood @ 1:00pm. We refer to them as Build & Bulls because there is building going on, lots of discussion and everyone showing off their current projects and purchases.  Our contact person is Brad Guy.